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  • Express Wheel Repairs mobile wheel refurbishment services offer a range of wheel repair and refurbishment services throughout Dubai. We straighten bent rims and repair all cosmetic damage to aluminum rims, including curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration caused by age.

  • Alloy wheels look great on your car or 4X4 but are very easily damaged if you clip a kerb while parking. We can restore your alloy wheels to a new factory finish using our mobile workshops at your home or place of work.

  • Our repair service restores your cars wheels to a factory new finish. We can also change the colour of your wheels while repairing any damage.

    We repair alloy wheels on all brands of car and SUV including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ford, Aston Martin, Toyota and Nissan

Welcome to Express Wheel repairs

We offer a fully mobile wheel repair service to come to your home or place of work at your convenience. Our mobile wheel workshops offer a first class service with excellent results and little fuss.

Alloy Wheel Repair Service

We offer a full range of alloy wheel damage repair and refurbishment services in Dubai.
We repair Kerb damage, scrapes, gouges and discoloration returning your alloy wheel back to factory new condition.

Mobile Workshop

We offer mobile alloy wheel repair throughout Dubai. Our mobile wheel repair service includes curb damage, complete wheel refinishing, and colour changes. Our mobile wheel workshops offer a first class service and excellent results. We come to your home or place or work at your convenience.

Rim Customising

Our rim customising service offers wheel rim painting allowing you to choose from single colour or two-tone colour finish.
We also offer wheel airbrush painting allowing you to have personalised graphics painted on your rims.
What our customers think!
I called the guys at Express Repairs to get the wheels on my BMW fixed after I scraped them coming out of an underground carpark. They did the repairs at my office in Jebal Ali the next day. My Alloys now look like new, great service at a fair price. John Gladstone - Dubai

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