bent rim cropAlloy Wheel Straightening

Our alloy wheel straightening service removes bends and buckles in alloy wheels restoring them to a factory new condition.

We can repair 95% of bent or buckled alloy wheels saving on the cost of buying a new wheel.

If a wheel hits a kerb or pot hole it can cause the wheel to bend, buckle or create what is known as a flat spot. This can cause the vehicle wheel to vibrate or wobble when driven over or a certain speed. Bends in alloy wheels also cause air leaks and can lead to rapid deflation of tyres.

Using specialised alloy wheel repair equipment our trained technicians carry out a full range of alloy wheel straightening services including:

  • Bend Removal
  • Buckle Removal
  • Wheel Re-Shaping
  • Crack Welding

All our wheel repair services are covered by a 12 months guarantee.

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